Beasiswa Australia: Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships 2018

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The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are the Australian Government’s competitive, merit-based scholarships and fellowships providing opportunities for Australians to undertake study, research or professional development overseas and for overseas citizens to do the same in Australia.
The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships aim to build Australia’s reputation for excellence in the provision of education and research, support the internationalisation of the Australian higher education and research sectors and offer high-achieving individuals from overseas and Australia opportunities to increase their productivity and expertise in their field.

All recipients will receive:
  • travel allowance: $3,000 (provision to pay up to $4,500 under special circumstances)
  • establishment allowance: $2,000 (fellowships) or $4,000 (scholarships)
  • monthly stipend: $3,000 (paid up to the maximum category duration on a pro-rata basis)*
  • health insurance for the full category duration (OSHC for international recipients)
  • travel insurance (excluding during program for international recipients)
  • Tuition fees: Endeavour scholarship recipients will also receive tuition fees paid up to the maximum study/research duration on a pro-rata basis. Tuition includes student service and amenities fees. Please see the below table for further information.
To be eligible to receive an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship, applicants must:
  • be aged 18 years or over at the commencement of their program
  • be a citizen and/or permanent resident of a participating country 
  • commence their proposed program after 1 January 2018 and no later than 30 November 2018. Applicants who have already commenced or will commence their intended program prior to 2018 are not eligible to apply
  • provide all relevant supporting documentation 
  • not currently hold or have completed, after 1 January 2016, an Australian Government sponsored scholarship and/or fellowship (directly administered to recipients by the Australian Government). A list can be found
  • not apply for a category in which they have already completed an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship.
For an application to be assessed as eligible, applicants must provide the necessary documentation:
  • Scan and attach their supporting documentation 
  • If the document is not in English provide both the original and an English translation
  • Provide certified (attested) copies of:
            - Passport, Birth Certificate, or Australian Citizenship Certificate
            - Academic transcripts
            - IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or PTE results.

To certify a document:
  • copy the original document
  • scan the certified copied document (not the original document)
  • attach the document to your application.
  • present the photocopy and original to a professional person or someone well-respected in your community (‘of good standing’). This could include but is not limited to: university dean or course convener, teacher, work supervisor, lawyer, doctor, civil servant, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths or Public Notary.
           - the certifier will sight the original against the copy of the document
           - the certifier will write or use a stamp (if available), ‘I certify that the copy is 
              a true copy of the original document’
           - the certifier will sign and date under the statement and provide details of their occupation.

Steps required to apply for an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship
  1. Read these guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions to gain an understanding of the program and what is required for an application.
  2. Review and ensure the minimum eligibility requirements are met.
  3. Read the terms and conditions (see example attachment). If an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship is offered, the recipient must agree to the terms and conditions and accept within seven days. If the offer is not accepted within this period, the offer may be withdrawn.
  4. Once the application period is open, an application can be started by registering on Endeavour Online. Instructions can be found
  5. To be considered for more than one scholarship or fellowship an applicant is required to lodge a separate application for each category.
  6. Note the unique application ID for future use in any correspondence with the department.
  7. Complete responses to the selection criteria and upload supporting documentation.
  8. Finalise and submit an application. Once an application has been successfully submitted an automated email acknowledging the receipt of the application will be sent to the email address provided. Once an application has been submitted, no further changes (including addition of documents) can be made.
30 June 2017

Applicants are encouraged to read the information below and determine their eligibility before commencing an application:

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